Wednesday, July 3, 2013


For the most part
don't get scored

For some that offers sweet relief
From dreams of
Missed examinations
Failing marks

Me, I miss the brutal clarity of grades
Absolute or graded on the curve

Perf reviews are squishy
Carefully opaque
Supervisors squirming to avoid the
Awkward conversation 
Armored from legal redress
Unhelpfully polite

Competition proffers  
Ruthless objectivity
No fear of inflation
No entitled culture 

I win, I lose
I'm in, I'm out
I medal
Or I don't

In the end I'm slotted in a clearly numbed rank
At most, a tie

Just for a moment
Stripping off my sweated uniform
I know exactly where
In fencing GPS
I stand

With a faithful reading of my
Position, course & speed
I can 
Plot the course corrections that I need

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