Friday, June 19, 2009

A Night's Work

Drive home late, traffic lights on blink
Beckoning me through abandoned intersections
As if the road exists solely for me
(An open invitation for excessive speed)
Hot damp breeze dipping through the open roof
All my restless energy dispersed in sweat and laughter
Companionship and competition
The ego lulled by adrenaline, exhaustion
A touch of satisfaction
Memories of one well-balanced act
Taking of the proper moment
Arm and purpose firm, focused gaze
A joyous lunge with not one ounce held back

And now, for a few hours of the night, I have peace

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Joy is Simple

Joy is simple
     A moment of unconscious grace
     A flash of humor
     Silent companionship
     A brief glimpse of perfection

Радость проста
     Момент не оссозноного изящества
     Вспышка юмора
     Тихие товарищеские отношения
     Краткий проблеск совершенствования

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Variable Speed

One beat of fencing time
A maddeningly inconsistent measure
Determined by my pace
My pattern (and, perhaps, the pulsing of my heart)

Time shifts, dilates and drags
Compared to outer worlds
Here, within the lines of battle
Speed is relative

In large part we are warring for
Control of meter
Your vivacious marches flustering my blade
Raising my pulse, threatening to wear me out

I struggle to regain control
Regulate the terms of the engagement
Deploy my leisured actions to
Lull your response, entrain your speed

My coiled spring of energy unwinds
Marking the seconds, pressure building up inside
My hairspring trigger quivers on the brink
Explodes, collapsing distance, stops the clock

In the eddy formed by my disruption of
Time’s stream
I pause and focus, breath, relax
Reset my inner metronome

And we resume the tempo of our dance