Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuesday Night--Youth Open Bouting

Ousting butts from comfy benches
Into uniform

Interrupting chat and chase to
Herd them to the strip

Breaking up covalent clumps to
Pair them two by two
(And separated far enough to fence)

Combatting innate tendency for
Every touch to devolve to debate

Turning back to find the game’s no longer
Glove on glove, but hit and run

Noticing who’s snubbed and left to
Linger at the fringe

Threatening to cycle in if they don’t
Buckle down and try

Making good the threat and romping gently,
Teasing with a gentle blade presented and withdrawn

Finally, as night winds down,
Gathering up the random bits and bobs left
Scattered when they’re gone

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good Luck

Find a penny 
In the venue 
Tuck it in my shoe 

Choose a t-shirt 
Drenched with victory 
In its sweated history 

Blades heaped by the strip 
Contemplating which one to adopt 
Pick the one on top 

Silly that I think 
Beating my opponent to the center to test weight 
Can influence my fate 

I challenge you to share 
Surely you have a ritual…or three 
These superstitions aren’t unique to me!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Peacock struts upon the strip
Pectorals spread wide
Magnificent in self-possession

It isn’t even ego, its just
Innate confidence
Transcendent poise

Peacock’s truly puzzled if he
Doesn’t draw all
Eyes to his display

The stomp and bother
Shaking of the blade, the
Thrum of concentration

But he’ll fence, regardless of regard
Intimidating with his dance
His aureate display

In myth, his species bears the gods to battle
Immune to cobra’s venom, inured to viper’s bite
Gaudy plumage doesn’t mean he cannot fight


With thanks to Richard Thompson for capturing my mood and puncturing my pretensions at the same time:

(While this immensely talented cartoonist has stopped drawing this strip, as he copes with Parkinson's disease, you can catch up with the archive at GoComics. Highly recommend.)