Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tuesday Night--Youth Open Bouting

Ousting butts from comfy benches
Into uniform

Interrupting chat and chase to
Herd them to the strip

Breaking up covalent clumps to
Pair them two by two
(And separated far enough to fence)

Combatting innate tendency for
Every touch to devolve to debate

Turning back to find the game’s no longer
Glove on glove, but hit and run

Noticing who’s snubbed and left to
Linger at the fringe

Threatening to cycle in if they don’t
Buckle down and try

Making good the threat and romping gently,
Teasing with a gentle blade presented and withdrawn

Finally, as night winds down,
Gathering up the random bits and bobs left
Scattered when they’re gone

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