Sunday, September 29, 2013


Every time that something starts to work, you
Make it harder
Dangling an elegant new skill
Just beyond my reach
An exercise in
Escalating scales

Seems like lessons are the process of
Sequential failure
Always seeking for the next thing
I can’t do
Plowing on past mastery to find where
I fall short

A blade-thin line divides
Complacent competence from
Terminal frustration

I realize, in my random motes of wisdom
However much I long for comfort
Kudos, praise
This is the learning zone:
The razored edge between
Discomfort and perfection

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


In the midst of combat
Off-balance, off-
Beat, tense, winded

I stumbled on
A reservoir of calm
Secret, hidden
Banked from aimless hours spent
A cabin by the lake
A rock, baked in the sun
A cat-warmed bed

Wasted time, it seems was
Not so wasted after all

That dousing triggered me to

Glory, just like that
Breath steadied, shoulder slacked
Feet fell into patterned certitude
Three touches
Bim bam boom

Go figure

How can I find that puddled quietude again?
Short of being drenched in memory
What can bring me
Back to earth?

Maybe nothing-I’d better blaze the path to my new
Swimming hole, my
Private pool of peace

The better to do battle

Photo by Dan Belton (No Badger Cull) on Flckr

Monday, September 23, 2013


Look at you!
All squabble & bounce
Bickering spats
Whacking, cheating,
Stabbing in the back
This isn't bouting, it's attempted

So halt

However plaguy and pestiferous
Smaller sisters call for care
While you're forever bigger,
She knows every chink in
Your defense

Though he's an
Ever -growing pain
A swagger and a tease,
All brash intimidation
He will have your back

Salute, and shake and reaffirm
Your congeneric coalition
Two against the world