Friday, August 12, 2016


Some systems focus on the arm, wrist, fingers
Synched for elegant conclusions:
Coupe, glissade, a clever bind or crafty disengage

Some bang on speed and power
Bigger, badder, faster
Training youth to send
Feet flying down the strip

Our salle’s attention lies—well, somewhere in between

Below the waist, above the knees
To be precise—the buns, butt, tooshie, tuchus, derriere

You’d be amazed to learn the
 Numbered permutations for
The angle, depth and flexibility of
Glutei—both minimus and max

Are you squatting deep enough?
Is your tailbone scooping in, or out?
Are your hips, the muscled cradles of the bum
Loose enough to sway and boogie with the best?
Limbered up to launch a proper lunge?

Now you have the key decoding
Covert coaching signals from our staff
When next you see them stripside
Throwing opaque signals
seemingly to make us
Hula, samba, sashay on the piste
You'll know they're only trying to
help us land the touch we missed