Monday, December 31, 2012

Telling Tales

Truth is fabricated
Piece by piece
From scraps of probability
Hints of what is possible
Plausible causality

“Truth be told” indeed
Telling forges truth
The facts we choose, the details we

Especially the tales we
Weave about ourselves
Bespoke epics
Contingent facts looped into
Cogent narrative
Forging our own fates

Since I get to storyboard my life
Why be content with mundane imperfection?
Why not lineate myself
As gimpy hero
Hephaestus or
Lamed by my ambitions
Still in quest of
Small but epic feats?

Knowing this, I start my journal of 2013, writing future states that
I’ll be happy to have seen

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Close Call, Part 1

It's the art of

Seeing the periphery, the center
And the trailing edge
Hand and tip and wrist and

Knowing with bone certainty 
Exactly what transpired 
Without knowing how you