Monday, December 19, 2011

Rehab Rap

It’s the knee
The thumb
Feeling kinda numb
The ankle or the wrist,
Suffering a twist
The shoulder or the
Toe is
Fillin’ up with woe
Settled in the joint, in the muscle in the
The pain, or the tweak,
Makes itself at home
The throb or the jab
A momentary weak spot
Could even be a
Blood clot
(Isn’t that a sick thought!)

Got a bang
Or a bruise
And I’m threatening to lose
Some functionality
Fightin’ back with punctuality
Every day at the gym
Move the limb
Take a swim
Do a lift or a curl
Make the muscles unfurl
Tame the inflammation
Fend off degradation
Trying for salvation
Hoping that the next part
Isn’t going to come apart
Try’n to make a fresh start

Here I am on the mat
Layin’ flat
Feeling fat
Working on the hamstring
Try’n to do the right thing
Try’n to heal, Try’n to deal
Try’n to tame Achilles’ heel

No matter that I’m strong, I know it’s not for long
Susceptible to injury, I’m movin’ pretty gingerly
Hey, I’d wear body armor for protection from harm, or
Anything for luck, what the [poem redacted for young ears]
It’s worth a chance if it could possibly enhance
My invulnerability
Increase my stability
Limit my liability
Not to mention fallibility

You got any advice
You won’ have to tell me twice
Just keep it concise
Tell me how to

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Faith Healing

Recently I noted
Between coach & chiropractor
Familial resemblance

Firm hand and
Diagnostic eye
Critical assessment of just what
Is out of whack

Tracing the elusive
Origins of
Stiff ankle, sore knee
Errant point,
Pained hips
Unstable lunge
Back through cascading errors
To originating sin
Often the root is far removed from
What I blame for my distress

They then
Strategic tweak...
Momentary pain and
Body, soul & psyche magically

*Sweet relief*
Astonishment at
How bright the world is
How joyous my attack when it

Suddenly I realize just how bad things were in recent past
Too bad minor adjustments never last

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Convincing Caterpillar she will
Wake with wings...
A real hard sell
Even tougher?
Delivering the news that she
Will not

Some of us
Straining to transform
Rise each morning
Pretty much the same
Despite the vigor of our
Night before

Me, I take the strip with
Hopeless optimism that
This time will be different
Innate flaws in execution
Magically smoothed
Stubborn intent translated into
Hard work finally
Paid off

I stutter step
Exhibit merely
Incremental growth
Minor tweaks in
Habits and behavior

Maybe metamorphosis is
Only for the young

And yet, (sweet Jesu, here we go again), might I feel chrysaline tonight?