Thursday, July 26, 2012


An experiment in crowdsourced poetry. Add the next line in the comment section, below, building on other's contributions. Writer's block? Try beer. Or dark chocolate. Whatever works.

Limber, lithe, languorous and just a little louche

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Lumens every lump and wrinkle of
My practice
Lucidates my fears

The ruthless dawn
Encourages anxieties to
Chat me up at breakfast
Intimating that

If I were really
Always getting better, I'd be
Really good
By now

Even incremental progress would
Add up (they hint) and
Reach, at last, a
Tidy sum

From there, it's not too far to wonder
How much of my progress is
Illusion, clever sleight of
Coaching hand?

How much adept
Redefining goals and
Grading on a shifting curve?

I'm saved, at last, by dusk:
With moonrise inhibitions fall
And optimism swells
The kindly dark obscures my flaws

The gloom of pessimism makes it  hard to keep my goals in sight
That's why I pursue my praxis in the night

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Practice

Sweat exceeds the common sodden quota
Even my stodgy non-electric bib

Socks creep down
Knickers giving way to shorts (the heat
More painful than the prospect of a bruise or two)

An increase in aestival truancy
Teammates disappear and re-emerge
Skin a searing bronze against their laundered uniforms

We horse around with silly moves unlikely to
Succeed in competition
But then again…they might

Lazy nights that end in talk of
Nothing much
Conversations I will treasure, and forget

Sunday, July 15, 2012



So simple, yes?
Just doing

Not exerting effort
Not attempting longer, harder

Not trying
(Come to think of it)
At all


For me, the off switch is
A little out of reach
A little
A little…
Face it, jammed in place and
Never going to move

I haven’t got a rheostat to
Ramp things down, a
Regulator set to
Cycle on and off

I know that I
Need down time, time to
Cool, recalibrate re
That doing nothing’s really when
Experience sinks in

An anabolic state of change

Frankly, letting go,
Feels a little bit too much like
I worry if I
Power down the engine won’t

So take it one step at a time, meticulous instructions

Friday, July 6, 2012


I don't learn alone

We practice in entangled states
Each move you master
Forces me to counter, ensuring
We progress at
Somewhat equal rates

Your prodding feet push me along
Your triumphs
Buoy me up your
Setbacks add to my

As I forge ahead you
Keep me grounded in
Puncturing pretense,
With ruthless informality

When you level up my
Jealousy is tempered by my
("See, that move? She worked on that so long!")
Knowing that I I helped in
My own minor way

In this commensal state
We take turns to study & to teach
Proving what is possible
Demonstrating what's within our reach

We're all of us interdependent
Remember that, when your star is ascendant