Friday, March 30, 2012


What I thought I wanted
--Staff of life, the
Greatest thing since
Providing strength, resilience

Suddenly, at this late date, revealed to be
A traitor
Much-beloved Judas
Poison to the bone

Life becomes a
Process of subtraction, of
Learning to omit,
Restrict, the
Carbing of desires

This is not Spartan virtue
Abstemious grace
Don’t believe the platitudes
Less isn’t more
less is simply…less

Less chew
Less heft
Fewer crannied nooks where butter
Glides and jelly lurks
Less wheaty smack
Less taste

Even if I wave away this loss as petty
Concede my sadness is a symptom of my
A deeper worry gnaws

If bread can prove a treasonist
What other parts of life that seem essential now are really
Toxins in disguise?