Saturday, May 19, 2012

White Light

Perhaps the barrel has

Or, it's filled with
Ream it out with cotton swab and

The teeniest of screws, the ones that clasp the
Tip have
Wiggled loose
Grab a microscopic tool and
Snug them down

The nuts that clutch the wire in the socket
May be
The grip a trifle
The prongs may wobble in the plug the wire may be
Nicked the body cord fershlugina the reel perhaps

All plausal possibilities…

I think this ample impetus, collectively
To learn the gentle art of armory

Saturday, May 12, 2012


When fencing Otter
My feet try to
Bounce, to
Attempting speed, fluidity
That doesn't live within these
Aging bones

With Tabby
Suddenly my tip's aloft
Contemplating phantom flicks
For which my blade is
Much too thick

Facing the
My gait's a clumsy mimic of his
Levitating glide, his
Seamless segue to a
Disengage and lunge

And so, throughout the salle--
With Werewolf, whacks
With Dormouse,
Bouncing up & down

Why can't I simply
Fence like me?
Be true to
Badger self
Content to tease, and dance, and

Instead, my opponents
Hypnotic, or
Draw me to their
Comfort zone
And out of mine

Perhaps I need a talisman of my echt self, my ur-identity
An anchor to my undiluted Badgerosity

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Stubbled thoughts
Captured on
Scattered scraps of time
     A word
     A rhyme
Scribbled on the edges of the
Shopping list the
Catalog the
Phone bill's envelope

Crabbed script interlines agendas from
Forgotten meetings, maps my drifting mind with
Fragments which I shuffle, seeking
Patterns, matches, places where the meter
The phrases
Finding, filling
Cracks and imperfections until seamless verse
Unbroken lines

This is how I write
In stolen moments

Lulls between the squalls of
Work & life