Saturday, May 12, 2012


When fencing Otter
My feet try to
Bounce, to
Attempting speed, fluidity
That doesn't live within these
Aging bones

With Tabby
Suddenly my tip's aloft
Contemplating phantom flicks
For which my blade is
Much too thick

Facing the
My gait's a clumsy mimic of his
Levitating glide, his
Seamless segue to a
Disengage and lunge

And so, throughout the salle--
With Werewolf, whacks
With Dormouse,
Bouncing up & down

Why can't I simply
Fence like me?
Be true to
Badger self
Content to tease, and dance, and

Instead, my opponents
Hypnotic, or
Draw me to their
Comfort zone
And out of mine

Perhaps I need a talisman of my echt self, my ur-identity
An anchor to my undiluted Badgerosity

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