Friday, June 18, 2010

Taxonomy (continued)

Diagnostic answers to the question, “whose touch?”

Mine! Didn’t you see me take the blade!?!
You missed! Remised!
I think there’s a dead spot in your lamé…


Yours, I do believe
I felt you take the blade
Ever so light
A very sweet parade-riposte
Well done!


I can’t tell
Who started first
Let’s throw it out

I ask again—where do you see yourself?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Middle Distance

I can
Sneak inside your reach
Nip you in the side
Harass you with impunity
Skip away and taunt you with
Receding possibility of
Your victorious attack

Split the difference?
Smack gob in the center and I’m
Dead meat
Easy target
Ice cream on a stick
Habiting the dread Bermuda triangle that
Swallows my defense
Makes me easy prey
Tattles my intent

Oblivious to when I
Cross the border to this
No-man’s land I
Suffer the delusion that I
Bob and weave
Float and glide
With matchless grace
Actually I
Hop in place
Tethered to the strip
A bouncy badger ball

Lesson learned? When
Inspiration fails
Mind blanks
Spirit flags
Score tilts in the wrong direction
If nothing else remember this one
Simple thing:

Move your badger ass!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Somewhere I lost myself along the way

I thought I knew my hand...
And now I don’t

My foot a strange
Random appendage
Moving on its own
Appointed path

Passing the mirror I
Catch a stranger’s glance
And look away

Have I shed memory
Habits, inhibitions
Trimmed the edges of
Whittled down to my essential self

Or am I morphing,
Unhurried transformation to
An unfamiliar form?

And, (v. important please), if the latter
Is it an improvement on my former state?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I’m a bundle of
Habits and grooves
Programmed moves
Fettered by the
Sticky residue of
Ill-considered acts
Bad calls
Inconvenient facts

Starting clean I
Shed my shoes
Pad with pinky feet into
A fresh day
New start
Rebirth, renaissance and
Step into the
Gluey mess I fled

Petty words
Irascible verbs
Lies by omission
Losing with bad grace
Inflicted on my world

I need a dip in
Spiritual solvent
Soul stripper
Fate flipper
Acetone for destiny
Break with my routine
Start clean
New regime
Epic transformation

Tabula rasa—good mission, great ambition.
Thus my petition—anybody got a rag