Sunday, August 2, 2015


Rocketing awake
Cat nose on my face
Flashed with heat
Flush with irritation

Throw off the sheet
Ransack the drawers
Jam feet in sneaks
Bolt out the door

To find that

5 am is cool
and dry
Pale light balm to August eyes
Arpeggio-ed by birds
Blessedly bereft of
Cranky crowds

Sidewalk barren but for
Dog walker here
A fellow runner there
All with smiles for a member of the
Secret club of

"Attack of the Killer Badger" from
Magic Forest

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Suddenly, your wrist is
Your toe
an object of desire
Your knee--oh, show it to me,

Devoid of inhibitions
Untethered from the complex etiquette of
Who goes first
The nicities of foible versus forte
I will embark on licensed mischief
Revel in the freedom to
Do anything I want with my off hand

Blissfully oblivious

Ignorant of what I'm supposed to do
Free to be a newbie once again
Swanning in unrated to muck up the
Seeding of the pools
This should be...amusing

But--I have been warned--

Prepare for epic bruises

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Giving War

You gift me a
Well-considered bruise
Bestowed with grace and
Chased with chaste massage to
Mitigate the pain

I reciprocate by
Nearly taking out your knee
Formidable contusion

This pacific interchange, this
Yields dented masks, torn socks
--but rarely ends in stitches--

We're merely swapping marks of
Tangible affection
A catalog tattooed upon the hand and arm and leg
A testament to friendships sealed with
Just a little bit of blood