Sunday, March 16, 2014


Blank canvas reads as 
Double dare 
Incitement to rebel 

Regulations breed 
Subversive work-arounds 
Foster style built on 
Subtle permutations 
Covert bling 

The font on a lamé 
Patches marching up a sleeve 
A ring, a pierced ear 
Or nose 
Optimistic nails en-armored in 
Enameled heraldry 

Masks like jewels 
Or flags, beasts, flames 
Monsters, Contemporary coats-of-arms 

Hair in spikes, or dreads 
Shagged, mohawked, braided 
Died in all the hues the 
Jacket lacks 

 Below the knee a 
 Panoply of pattern 
Stripes, spots, dots 
Paw prints 

Shoes flash semaphoric riffs in 
Red, purple, orange 
Viridian extremes 
Threaten retinal overload 

You think, in uniform, we look alike? 
Then look again, and marvel at the truth, that 

Creativity is fueled by limitations 

Follow the sartorial exploits of fencers with flair, in practice, in competition and on the podium on the Fencing Fashionista blog.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Shouldering a burden
Shouldering aside

Shoulder to the wheel

Scaffolding a
Chip, a
Cry, a
Heavy burden, heck, the
Cares of all the world

Broad, strong, cold, soft
Rubbing, shrugging, standing

Scheming with the head to
Rise above the rest

True, all true

Mainly, though, I know that mine is

Sketch from Open Clip Art

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Women's Practice

Sorry! That must have hurt
My fault--I hit too hard 
Oh dear, your hand...
Let me get some ice

No, no--that was your touch
I'm sure you started first
     my parry was too weak
     I countered into your attack

Wait! Your earring's coming loose
Let me secure the clip
They're very nice--a gift?

You too?! We must be synched
Of course it always starts before a

Bear and Badger, photo courtesy of

Monday, March 3, 2014


Water, salted nuts
Ice, bananas, gentle stretch
Heat, sleep, patience, time


A mask, two cords, two 
working blades. What more do I 
need? Oh! Chocolate.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Show

“Dear Fencer, I am writing to ask if you will answer a survey about why people don’t show up for competitions they have preregistered for…”

Dear Fred
You ask what happened

Truth is,

I overslept

Last night the cat was sick 
She puked all night
I had to
Rush her to the vet

Another time, my car—the battery was dead
Or, on the road, an accident clogged up the pike
And there I sat, when
Registration closed

The furnace died, pipes burst the
Toilet is backed up the workmen said he’d come
(and didn’t show)
An inauspicious stain is creeping
Down the wall

I woke up a fever
Ancient injuries flared up
Loading my equipment to the car I
Threw out my back

The editor turned back my manuscript last night and
Asked for cuts
By first thing Monday,

In short
Life happened
That’s all, just

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hocus, Focus

It’s hard to track something
I’m not sure what “focus” feels
Like, smells like
How it pings or ripples
The ionizing pattern of its

Difficult for you to teach what you can’t
Circumscribe, define
Display for me to

A black box, known only by its

Or thrown into relief by
Antonymic stats: it’s not
following a script
correcting my mistakes
obsessing on results

On the few occasions focus
Answered my petition, it
Powered in so strong, it
Swept away all trace
When it moved on
Leaving only pixels in its wake
Backscatter on my soul

Here’s what little I recall:

Beneath my thumping heart my
Threaded breath
A low internal thrum, a tuning fork
Vibration that aligned my
Hand, and foot and

An almost absent self
Out-of-body seeing splendid moves from
Slight remove

A blessed lack of


Sunday, October 6, 2013


If pools are
Speed dates
Blurred with first impressions
Sound bites, smooth lines
Snap judgments
Eenie Meenie

DEs are the second date, and third
Trapped together long enough to
Flaunt a broader repertoire
Scout habits, reflex, preferences
Test compatibility

Often it is touch for touch
4-5, 8-6, 9-8
Until at last, one fencer or the other
Penetrates the masquerade and
Pulls ahead to finish 15-9
Or 10

Nine minutes is enough to
Break up

Honey Badger Love from Bonjour Poupette