Sunday, February 26, 2012

Check List

Is my shoulder loose my
Arm relaxed my
Grip upon the blade

Is my weight on my back
Leg my shins upright my
Hind foot tucked beneath my

Are my advances small and neat with
Variable speed and random
Length, always ready to
Leap back

Is my gaze glued to your chest
My distance finely gauged my
Lunge spontaneous and
Nicely timed

Got all that?
Yup. Neatly queued and tallied on the sheet
Each square ticked off.
So fabulous, now

God dammit, throw away the list


Contemplating what went right, or wrong 
Concentrate all the things that worked 

Choosing between mastering arms, or legs 
Focus on the feet 

Faced with thinking of the start, or end 
Rivet on beginning right

Better yet, don't think

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Seven Virtues

(A companion piece to A Catalog of Sins)

Your shoelace is untied
Preserve me from temptation...
I would love to stomp

Even though I know
You're about to kick my butt
I take up my mask

One hundred lunges
Despite my secret doubt that
It will really help

I strip the blade the
umpteenth time, and hope that now
The wire will stay put

Why embarrassment?
Who notices when I bomb out?
No one--only me

Having made the touch
You crow and strut and posture
I hide a smile

I've been there,
Slumming at the bottom of the pool
Trust me, it gets better