Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Middle Distance

I can
Sneak inside your reach
Nip you in the side
Harass you with impunity
Skip away and taunt you with
Receding possibility of
Your victorious attack

Split the difference?
Smack gob in the center and I’m
Dead meat
Easy target
Ice cream on a stick
Habiting the dread Bermuda triangle that
Swallows my defense
Makes me easy prey
Tattles my intent

Oblivious to when I
Cross the border to this
No-man’s land I
Suffer the delusion that I
Bob and weave
Float and glide
With matchless grace
Actually I
Hop in place
Tethered to the strip
A bouncy badger ball

Lesson learned? When
Inspiration fails
Mind blanks
Spirit flags
Score tilts in the wrong direction
If nothing else remember this one
Simple thing:

Move your badger ass!

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