Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good Luck

Find a penny 
In the venue 
Tuck it in my shoe 

Choose a t-shirt 
Drenched with victory 
In its sweated history 

Blades heaped by the strip 
Contemplating which one to adopt 
Pick the one on top 

Silly that I think 
Beating my opponent to the center to test weight 
Can influence my fate 

I challenge you to share 
Surely you have a ritual…or three 
These superstitions aren’t unique to me!


  1. I stand on the strip on tournament day
    to Saint Michael the Archangel I pray
    give me courage and confidence
    and guide my blade true
    Make fruitful the lessons
    taught me by Coach Stu.

  2. Deep breath as the bout begins - to relax all the important things.
    Jumping helps.