Monday, July 29, 2013


Why adopt a pseudonym
Espouse an alt persona?

Well, why does any hopeful superbeing
Veil true self?

A nom de guerre can
Loose quotidian constraints
Lets us be stronger, braver
Funnier, more

Freed from beskirted dignity
The shadow of
Professional respect
The hobble of
High heels, the
Garrote of the tie
We become our own best selves
At least the selves we’d like to be

This thing we do
This endless practice, angsting over
Every touch, each bout,
Ranks and standings
Viewed from sufficient distance, it’s

Given all the time we steal from
Families, jobs, responsibilities
You know—real life—It’s
Serious, but not

Better if we cop to that
Embrace the silliness of dressing up in
Uniforms and masks
Embellish it with character that helps us
Play the part

So Tabby, Dormouse
Werewolf, Aardvark, Bear
Take comfort in your camouflaged serenity
Even though your lamé telegraphs your true identity

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