Sunday, January 27, 2013


A rainbow spread of
Serial transgression

The cheery yellow flag of
Minor sins:
The blade that won’t
Hold weight
The cord unblessed by armorer, the
The hand carelessly strayed into
Forbidden ground
Absconding from the strip
Without a pass
Silken locks burst loose and
Tumbling down the back

The rosy blush of shame for
Greater gaffes:
Grasping at the blade as it collides with hand
Faking cramps
Lurking in anonymity, lamé conspicuously
Innocently shutting down opponent’s march by
Timing out…the floor
Raking in the dough by advertising Badger Balm
Upon the sleeve (I wish)
Delivering a bell guard to the snoot
(No matter how provoked)

And Blackest Black, Beyond the Pale—the Deepest Dark of Night:
Sneaking a mic into
The mask
Balking at a foe too loathsome to
Throwing the game
Withholding courtesy
Trying to cause harm

The system generously grants penance to
Bystanders needing grace as well:
Continued catcalls,
Obstreperous support or
(Ignoring reprimand)
Repeated hassling of the ref

All these penalties comprise
A winning hand
Tucked into blazer pocket
Ready to deploy
Elevating our authorities above the
Hoi polloi

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