Sunday, March 16, 2014


Blank canvas reads as 
Double dare 
Incitement to rebel 

Regulations breed 
Subversive work-arounds 
Foster style built on 
Subtle permutations 
Covert bling 

The font on a lamé 
Patches marching up a sleeve 
A ring, a pierced ear 
Or nose 
Optimistic nails en-armored in 
Enameled heraldry 

Masks like jewels 
Or flags, beasts, flames 
Monsters, Contemporary coats-of-arms 

Hair in spikes, or dreads 
Shagged, mohawked, braided 
Died in all the hues the 
Jacket lacks 

 Below the knee a 
 Panoply of pattern 
Stripes, spots, dots 
Paw prints 

Shoes flash semaphoric riffs in 
Red, purple, orange 
Viridian extremes 
Threaten retinal overload 

You think, in uniform, we look alike? 
Then look again, and marvel at the truth, that 

Creativity is fueled by limitations 

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  1. My daughter, 8, has some of those in her fencing wardrobe already.... yes, I've been known to borrow from her.