Sunday, April 7, 2013

Data Set

Normally pragmatic, when
Forecasting my
Chances of success I

Diddle the analysis
Jig the numbers
Tweak the odds

In my little book are
Reams of records
Documenting just what
I can hope to do
An archive of compiled scores
Ample data here for accurate

Instead I harbor sneaky hopes that
I might beat the house
Might deviate from
Second-class consistency

Refusing to accept that
Past is prelude
To the present
The best predictor of what happens next is
Just what happened last and
Time before and
Before that…
And that
Relentless linear projection

Squinting I can almost see the
Trend line inching
Instead of level for
The longest time
With some infrequent

Next time,
When I register my name and
Back my bag, my lunch
My blades
And set my expectations
I swear I’ll be hardheaded in my calculations

Really. Truly. Yes. 

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