Friday, March 18, 2011


If I leave my foot
To putter
Pad and stutter,
Settle to its innate pace

If I sit,
Balanced on my backside
Tail knit, bum tucked
Muscles neatly coiled underneath

If I breathe
Scour the conduits
That focus power
Flush the tension from my bones

If I relax
Open chest, lifted heart
Shoulders butterflied across my back
Embodying fearless intent

If I firm my wrist
Fix my gaze,
Follow through
Let my touches
Land themselves (as they know how)

If I can master mustering these “ifs”
Then maybe
, maybe, this won’t be so bad


  1. And above all enjoy the thrill of the moment and revel in the intimate joy of body and purpose united.

  2. Yo, Beth,
    Your blog has always been such a pleasure to read. I am passing along the One Lovely Day Award. Please go to my blog at for details and to pick up your award. Thank you.