Monday, February 14, 2011


I don’t wear glasses when I fence
After all, how clearly must I see to hit these massy foes?
(Even the little ones are plenty macroscopic)

Besides, their blurry edges are better proxy for the world
It’s rare to find the outlines of our target crystal clear
Do you know exactly what you want or is your goal

Forget the ambiguity of borders
Focus on the center with
Relentless gaze

Let peripheral attention do
What it does best
Tracking random movements and distractions
Warn of inbound threats

As long as I have depth of field
I’ll do just fine
Half blind

1 comment:

  1. : ) Before my surgery, I tried fencing without my glasses, hoping the mesh on the mask would help smooth things out. I likewise had thoughts about being able to focus better because I couldn't see outside the target, but I found my depth perception wasn't good enough without the accompanying acuity. Different kinds of myopia?