Friday, March 19, 2010


Smooth glide entangling your blade
Forte to foible
High line to low
Certain of
The whereabouts of blade…
Perfect move for a control freak
Like me


Hours spent
Leaping back and forth
Wrestling with weights
Sprinting ‘til I gasp
All to build the base endurance that I need
To dance upon the strip
But now…
I’m too sore and tired
To actually fence

And now my lovely bind--
Hey, what’s with this?!
You pivot round my blade
Fulcrum into 2 and then riposte
Gah! Traitorous momentum turned back against itself


What might seem the obvious solution
Bull by the horns
The direct route
No prisoners
Has drawbacks

Strength engenders problems of its own
Countervailing force
Illusions of control


Better, maybe, sometimes to
Dodge and disengage
Sink to stillness
Rest, rejuvenate and

Let the right solution come
In its own time

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