Saturday, January 23, 2010


Watching from the corner of my eye
Fleeting snatches of a lesson by
the Other Coach
Interesting footwork, rhythm
A clever piece of work
Hmmm, what if…?

Nowadays the fashion is to pick and choose
A little bit from here, from there
In everything—philosophy, religion, art
It all becomes collage
What is the value of a single path?
And what is lost?

Could I stay true to my
Main Man
While sampling another guru’s line?
Philandering a bit
Flirting with heresy
Might expand horizons
Make me feel worldly, and experienced

Sure, some of it is incompatible
The action’s from the wrist
Scribing neat and tiny circles
Round your blade
The line is from the elbow to the tip
Grand sweeps scorning subtlety
These can’t co-exist
But footwork, timing, strategy
A robust exploration of alternate views could be…


Remember the rewards
The dividend of working through
Frustration, boredom, pain
That comes from facing the same face
Week on month on year
Hearing the same admonitions
Time and time again

And then there is the daunting prospect of
The sturm und drang
The jealousy and punctured pride
That comes when infidelity’s exposed
Is it worth an ‘A’ (scarlet or not)
To so disrupt the natural order?
(And, besides, Siberia is lonely, and it’s cold)

Coaching’s a commitment—while serial relationships might be the norm
Polygamy’s a cardable offense

I guess I'll stick to
Faithfulness to one who knows me far too well
To fall for my deceptions
Or be impressed
Or ever let me be less than my best

1 comment:

  1. Badger,

    I always enjoy a quick read of your posts, but this one... pause for thought. You are right - with so many schools of thought (academic, spiritual, even consumer) that the zeitgeist is to research, learn, determine, and choose your path - but for some, does 30 min of Google really provide the perspective to make a wise choice? But.. then the thought is - WHO to trust to guide that choice? If not an omniscient deity, then who? Oprah? Martha? Grandma?

    This dilemma faces me daily with raising a child. No amount of searching allows for analysis. Who to trust? EPA (re BPA) or activist mommy-bloggers? Dr. Spock? or Dr. Phil? (egad!).

    Thanks for the reflection.