Thursday, December 31, 2009


Fear less
Abandon being brave
And with entire heart
Impale myself upon your blade

With steady breath
Resisting my uncivil urge to
Nip the sluggish heels of time

To time before reality
Placed hobbles on my fun
And second thoughts gave pause

As many times as I fall short
Fall in, fall down, fall over. Accept that
All this is perfection

Be here
Right now, oblivious to future or the past
Attuned to my internal hum, your every telltale twitch
The throb and bustle of the competition

But most important (and if I can achieve but one, this one)
In hurtling myself o’er each new cliff to test my wings
In breathing, this pedestrian, miraculous act
In playing, wanton without thought of gain
In living in this moment balanced on the chiseled edge of time

Я посылаю свою любовь всем моим друзьям
- наилучшие пожелания в течение хорошего нового года

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