Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am a conference of self
Rancorous, unintegrated, vying for control

I: Adventurer                             
I: Protector of the Status Quo
Active, curious, engaged            
Opinionated, certain, self-assured
Seeking novelty and risk             
Cherishing the known, true, safe
Challenged, I leap                      
Poked, I bite

I: Competitor                            
I: Friend and Lover
Jealous, needy, insecure           
                                                     considerate and warm
Pursuing victory                        
Caring for the other
Stroked, I purr  
Asked, I give

Somewhere at the center: one fixed point
A budding Bodhisattva
Aware, awake, and unattached
Watches with compassion
A little bit amused.
Please, take charge…

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