Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Best wishes

I want for you 
The best 

of health 
The palimpsest of injury wiped clean 
Humors balanced 
Wind sound 
Internal leys of energy aligned 

of spirit 
Hooks of doubt untangled from the mind 
Cessation and acceptance 
Inner peace 
Whatever faith might ground you in this world 

of life 
Success in your endeavors 
Fulfilling work 
An amplitude of joy 
A minimum of idiots who drag you down 

and for your blade 
A swift and sure attack 
Impermeable parry 
Wicked riposte 
Against all opponents, 

And yet (forgive me), when we step on to the piste 
I want to 
Crumple your defense 
Spike your attack 
Confound your strategy and 
Drive my offense home 

Outcome aside 
We hug 
And resume our sincere and mutual regard

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