Sunday, August 13, 2023

Armory (2)

Bits fall off 
A tip velociting across the salle 
Spring in jubilant pursuit 
A clip that decompiles in the very 
Middle of the bout 

Tape shreds 
Wires break 
Screws split 

Set aside this injured weaponry awaits 
A therapeutic touch 

At least these mechanical defects 
Can be repaired 
MY bits deconstruct almost as often 
Shedding parts and 
Shredding key connections 
Torn and bent and stretched too far to 

Technically these biologic parts 
Might heal on their own 
But even odds they’re simply settled in an 
Altered state 
Demanding adaptation 

Is it any wonder that I want the best of both?
Snap-on parts that interchange 
With just a bit of fiddling and force 
The ease of healing that will come with time 
Regardless of attention 

Let’s try it out— One blade left in the bag (don’t peek!) 
For seven weeks to see if it will heal 
One finger sternly told to snap in place and 
Hold the line 

Yeah,  I’ll tell you how that goes

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