Saturday, July 10, 2021

Recover Forward

Our bags are chronographic capsules 
Disgorging fragmentary evidence of 
Times Before 

Uniforms that zip with 
Some protest 

Blades touched with rust 

An ouroboric tanglement of cords 

We ourselves are travelers 
Cast into future times 
Familiar venues fraught with 
Unfamiliar norms 

Cautiously we re-emerge 
Greeting fellow chrononauts 

Assessing what is welcome 
A little bow, an elbow bump 
Gripping hands or 
Going for the full-on hug 

Despite uncertainty 
This new epoch 
Offers reassurance: 

 Strangers smizing over masks 
 Abundant courtesy 
A plenitude of kindness 

One big change: the terms of this engagement 
The metrics of success 
Victory is being here, today 
With all of you 


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